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The best tailors design and create bespoke clothes to the delight of their customers.

We create superior quality bespoke creams using first-rate ingredients to meet all our customers’ needs. We place great emphasis on research and development, using the most innovative technologies while respecting the environment around us.

All our filling creams have a long shelf life of between 8 and 12 months at room temperature. This is the result of painstaking care during the product development stage.

Using creams as a filling helps make products softer, thanks to the water balance achieved between cream and pastry.

What is more, over time, the pastry tends to take on the classic aroma of the cream used, adding a subtle scent to the finished product.

Our filling creams are ready to use, with no further processing required. This makes them highly convenient for operators, allowing them to focus on the rest of the preparation with meticulous care and attention.