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Code of Ethics

Franciacorta Creme S.p.A.

Organisation, Management and Control Model

Among the main and more general preventive protocols, Franciacorta Creme S.p.A. has adopted a Code of Ethics, the principles of which are made effective through the adoption of the Organisation, Management and Control Model, in which the principles of the Code of Ethics are incorporated.

The Code of Ethics adopted by Franciacorta Creme S.p.A. is a document of general scope as it contains a series of principles based on “deontological ethics” (i.e. ethical standards applied to the professional activity), which Franciacorta Creme S.p.A. recognises as its own and on which principles it intends to call for the observance of all its Employees and of all those who, even outside the Company, operate in its interest or to its advantage (Recipients of the Code of Ethics).

The Code of Ethics is periodically subject to updating and possible extension, either as a consequence of new legislation or as a result of events that change the operations of Franciacorta Creme S.p.A. and/or its internal organisation.